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Cutlery Cup

Kate Stacey

Swansea University Guides and Scouts

Awarded Friday 1st of April 2011

Kate worked hard as the president of SSWIGS (Swansea), supporting both local Scouting and Guiding including setting up Glamorgan West Network.

Was the president of SSWIGS (Swansea) during her second year of a PhD and did a fantastic job. She managed to organise a variety of events and camps for the club, including liaising with the Students Union to get funding to help keep the costs down. She helped the club get 'Best Society' in 2007.

She was treasurer for 'Under the Sea' rally. During which she was efficient at accounting and budgeting, and also became event secretary. Previously to this she worked with other members of the club to set up Glamorgan West Network which still runs successfully and has strong ties with the SSAGO club. She worked hard to get many members of the club into Scout groups. Kate herself was part of a Brownie Pack and over time gained her leadership qualification and brought traditions of Guiding into the pack.

She was also secretary of the Guiding County Development Committee which is responsible for organising and publicising all the training for Guides and Young Leaders in Swansea. Her commitment helped build a fantastic relationship between SSAGO and Scouting/Guiding in Swansea, the society received a special badge in 2009 from Guiding for all their help at the Centenary Events.